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Aungpan - Hsipaw - Kalaw - Kyaingtong –Lashio-Pindaya-Taunggyi

Hotels Room Rate

Aungpan - Hsipaw - Kalaw - Kyaingtong –Lashio-Pindaya-Taunggyi Hotels Room Rate for 2018-2019

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Aungpan Hotels Room Rate

β†’ M Royal Hotel Aung Ban

No 1, Pyi Htaung Su Road, Moe Kaung Qtr, Aung Ban, Shan State, Myanmar

β†’ View Point Hotel

No.3 Quarter, Pindaya Road, Aungpan, Shan State, Myanmar

Hsipaw Hotels Room Rate

β†’ Ever Green Guest House

Bogyoke Road & Thein Ni Road, South Qtr, Hsipaw, Shan State, Myanmar

β†’ Hotel Lily The Home

No. 108, Aung Tha Pye road, Hsipaw

β†’ Mr.charles Hotel

No. 105, Auba street, Myo Le qt, Hsipaw, Shan State, Myanmar

β†’ Mr.Charles Guest House

No. 105, Auba street, Myo Le Quarter, Hsipaw, Shan State, Myanmar

β†’ Mr. Charles River View Lodge

Naut Ket Village, Hsipaw, Shan State, Myanmar

β†’ Red Dragon Hotel

Zay Quarter, Mahawgani Road, Hsipaw, Shan State, Myanmar


Bank of Dokhtawaddy River ,Myo Haung Village , Pan Sord Main Village Group , Hsipaw, Shan State, Myanmar

β†’ Tai House Resort

No. 38, Sabie Street, Taungmyo quarter, Hsipaw, Shan State, Myanmar

β†’ Yee Sin Guest House

Mine Pan St, West Quarter, Hsipaw, Shan State, Myanmar

Kalaw Hotels Room Rate

β†’ 360 Kalaw Hotel

#128, Wingabar Lane, 9 Ward Opposite of Golf Range, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Amara Mountain Resort Hotel

No.10/182, Thida Road, 10 Quarter, West Bogone, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Dream Mountain Resort

Jo Pyay Yan Pyay Pagoda Street, 10 Quarter, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Dream Villa Motel

Zatila Street,(5) Quarter, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Eastern Paradise Hotel

15,Thirimingalar St,5th Qr, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Golden Kalaw Inn

64, Mingalar St, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Golden Lily Guest House

No. 5/ 88, Natsin Road, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Green Haven Hotel

Shwe Oo Min Pagoda Road , 10th Quarter, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Hill Top Villa Mountain Resort

East Bo Gone Rd,, 3rd Qr, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Honey Pine Hotel

No.44, Zadila St, Corner of Union Rd, Ward 5, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Honey Moon Villa

Damasatkyar Street, Ward ( 10 ), Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Junction Rose Hotel

Corner of Bamboo Pagoda Road & Shwe Oo Min Pagoda Road, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Kalaw Heritage Hotel

3 Quarter, University Road, Kalaw, Myanmar


β†’ Mount Pleasant Hotel

Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Mya Sabai Inn

No.1/91,91, Union Road, near Post Office, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Nature Land Hotel

TharyarKone Street, Quarter No. (6) , Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Nature Land Hotel II

No 10 , Thida street , Infront of Kalaw Middle School , Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ New Shine Hotel

No.21, Union Highway, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Pine Hill Resort

(151), Shwe U Min Rd, 10th Qr, Kalaw, Myanmar


β†’ Pine View Inn

University Avenue Road, 3rd Quarter, Kalaw, Myanmar


β†’ Railroad Hotel

No.3 Quarter, Near Railway Station, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Richard's Inn

No.38, Pyi Taung Su Road, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Royal Kalaw Hills Resort

No.3/4, East Circular Road, Ward 3, East Bo Kone, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Seint Motel

No(11), Quarter (5), Main Road, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Pine Breeze Hotel

No. 174, (7) Quarter, Thittaw St, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Thitaw Lay House

Forest Road,Ward 3, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Thitaw Two Bed & Breakfast

Forest Road, Ward 3, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Unique B&B

No. 152, Wingabar Lane, Damasatkyar Road, Ward 10, West Bo Goan, Kalaw, Myanmar

β†’ Winner Hotel

5/13, Pyi Taung Su Road, Kalaw, Myanmar

Kyaingtong Hotels Room Rate

β†’ Amazing Kyaingtong Resort

Eastern shan state Kyaingtong, Myanmar

β†’ Princess Hotel

21,Zaydankalay Road, Kyaing Tong, Myanmar

Lashio Hotels Room Rate

β†’ Hotel CS

Corner of San Kaung Road and Hnin Si Road Quarter 2, Lashio, Myanmar

Pindaya Hotels Room Rate

β†’ Golden Cave Hotel

Shwe-Umin Pagoda Rd,Sin Khaung Qr. Pindaya, Myanmar

Taunggyi Hotels Room Rate

β†’ Aye TharYar Golf Resort

Ayetharyar Golf Club, Ayetharyar, Myothit, Taunggyi, Myanmar

β†’ Golden Crown Guest House

West Circular Road, Zay Pine Quarter, Taunggyi, Myanmar

β†’ Golden Fish Hotel

96/97 Cherry Street, Kan Out Quarter, Taunggyi, Myanmar

β†’ Golden Win Hotel

No. (3), Than Lwin Road, Kan Shay Quarter, Near BOC, Taunggyi, Myanmar

β†’ Muse Hotel

No 6, Bogyoke Rd; Pyitawtha Qr , Taunggyi, Myanmar

β†’ Shwe Kyun Hotel

No.11, Corner of Sittaung Street and Dhamma Rakhidha Street, Kan Shae Quarter, Taunggyi, Myanmar


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