Bagan is located in Mandalay Division. It was built in AD 830.Β  In 1975, due to earthquake, many pagodas were destroyed. But most pagodas were innovated. There are over 2000 pagodas presently in Bagan. Bagan is cradle of Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar. Then Buddhism scatters the whole country.
Bagan is famous for magnificent architectures of the buildings. It is far from 430 mile (688km) from Yangon. It can reach by plane, train, car, ship.


The weather is hot and dry. The average temperature is 30Β°C to 35Β°C.

(A) Attractions in Bagan (Nyaung U)


1) Shwezigon Pagoda

It was built from AD 1059 by King Anawrahta to AD 1090 by King Kyansitthar. It is famous as big and most beautiful zedi in Bagan Pagodas
West end of Nyaung U

2) Kyansitha Umin

Although of filially credited to King Kyansittha, it is thought to have built during the region of King Anawrahta. The long, dimly lit corridors of this cave temple are decorated with frescoes depicting the social lives of Bagan.
270 yard southwest of Shwezigon

3)Thatkyamuni Pagoda

It is 13th century pagoda. The design is with a few murals inside the steps and walls.
Half a mile north of Nyaung U Jetty

4)Kondawgyi Pagoda

It is same era Pagoda with Thatkyamuni Pagoda. It has well preserved murals.

One the hill nearby Thatkyamuni

5)Kyaukgu Umin

It is built by Narapatisithu in 12th century. The inside tunnel is long about 55 yard and some locals say the tunnel was intended to go to Pindaya Cave near Inle Lake in Shan State
River bank of Ayeyawady
Half a mile of Kandawgyi

6)Sapada Pagoda

East of Shwezigone Pagoda
Corner of Anawrahta Road and Nyaung-U Kyaukpadaung Road

(B) Attractions in Old Bagan

1)Gawdawpalin Pagoda

It is a two-storey temple and one of the largest and most imposing Bangan temples. It was built from King Narapatisithu to King Nantaungmya.

Between Nyaung U and New Bagan Road
Near Archacological Museum

2)Mimalaung Kyaung

It is built in AD 1174 by King Narapatisithu.
220 yard south of Gawdawpalin Pagoda

3)Thatbyinnyu Pagoda

It is built in AD 1144 by King Alaungsithu. It is four-storey of 207 feet high. It is highest temple in Bagan.
160 yard east of Nathlaung Kyaung
220 yard south east of Shwegugyi Pagoda

4)Shwegugyi Pagoda

The elegant pahto(pagoda) is built in AD 1131 by King Alaungsithu. It is next to the Palace of King Kyansittha
220 yard northwest of Thatbyinnu Pagoda

5)Pahtothamya Pagoda

It is built in 12th century by King Kyansittha although it is believed to be one of five temples by King Taungthugyi aka Sawrahan from AD931 to 964.
160 yard west of Thatbyinnu Pagoda

6)Nathlaung Pagoda

It is the only Hindu (Vishnu) temple remaining in Bagan. It is built in early 11th century although it is believed in AD 931 by King Taungthugyi
Between Pahtothamya and Thatbyinnu Pagoda

7)Mahabodhi Pagoda

It is built in AD 1215 by King Nantaungmya. It is taken the model of famous Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya, India.
380 yard northwest of the Tharabar Gate

8)Bupaya (Pagoda)

The pagoda is very ancient in Bagan. It is believed built in 3rd century by King Pyusawhti. What we seen now is a complete reconstruction after 1975 earthquake demolished the original.
Bank of Ayeyawady River
220 yard northwest of the Mahabodhi Pagoda

9)Anada Pagoda

It is built between AD 1090 and 1105 by King Kyansittha. It is one of the finest, largest best-preserved and most revered of all Bagan Pagodas.
490 yard northeast of the Thatbyinnyu Pagoda
550 yard north of Shwesandaw Pagoda

10)Htilominlo Pagoda

It is built in AD 1218 by King Nantaungmya. The big square 150ft high temple marks the spot where he was chosen, amongst five brothers, to be crown prince.
Northeast of the Ananda Pagoda
South of Bagan-Nyaung U road


It has excellent stucco carving on the outside walls (on the north side) and some original paintings visible inside of early Bagan period.
Northeast of Htilominlo Pagoda
Anawrahta Road


It is built in 13th century and it resembled from Mahabodhi temple at Budhagaya. It has fine wall paintings of scenes from the Jataka
100 yard north-east of Gubyauknge

13)Shwesandaw Pagoda

It is built in AD 1057 by King Anawrahta. The stupa supposedly enstrines a Buddha hair relic, brought from Thaton. The pagoda is most famous β€˜sunset pagoda’. It has five terraces with steps leading to the stupa top with good overlooking views.
South east of Nathlaung Kyaung

14)Dhammayangyi Pagoda

It is built in 12th century. Some are believed it was built by King Naratgy and others said King Alaungsithu. The pagoda can be seen from all parts of Bagan. It is biggest in mass temple in Bagan.

550 yard east of Shwesandaw Pagoda

15)Alodaw Pyae Pagoda

It is one storey temple and has only one entrance. It has Mon inscriptions inside. It is believed to be built by King Kyansittha in 12th Century
Bagan-Nyaung U Road
Nearby Htilominlo Pagoda

16)Mingalar Zedi

It is built between AD 1268 and AD 1274 by King Narathihapatae (aka) Tayokpyaemin. It is famous for a great sunset view.
Next to Ayeyawady River Bank and Thiripyitsaya Hotel

Other Attractions

1)Tharabar Gate

It is built by King Pyinbya, the first king of Bagan. The gate is the best preserved from 9th century. The traces of old stucco can still be seen on the gateway. Mg Tint Te (Lord Handsome) and his sister Shwemyethnadaw (Lady Golden Face) are on either side of the gateway.

2)Old Palace of King Kyansittha

Just in from the Tharabar Gate, north of Shwegugyi Pagoda.

3)Pitakat Taik

Nearby Tharabar Gate, northeast of Shwegugyi Pagoda

4)Ananda Oke Kyaung (Ananda Brick Monastery)

It is originally built in AD 1137. It is reconstructed in 17th century. It features of murals with colorful, showing details of everyday life from the Bagan period.

West of Anada Pagoda

5)Upali Thein

It is built in mid of 13th century. The ordination hall has some brightly painted frescoes depicting big scenes from the late 17th or early 18th century on the wall and ceilings.
Opposite of Htilominlo Pagoda
North of Bagan-Nyaung U Road

(C) Attractions in Myingaba


It is built in AD 1113 by King Kyansittha’s son Razakumar. It is famous for its preserved, richly colored paintings inside.
Left of the road as entering Myingab

1)Myazedi Pagoda & Inscription

It is famous for the Myazedi Inscription. The inscription is written in four languages: Pyu; Mon; Burmese; Pali about consecrating of Razakumar for Gupyaukgyi. The linguistic and historical significance is invaluable.
West of Gubyaukgyi

2)Manuha Paya

It is built by Mon King, Manuha in AD 1059 when he was held captive here by King Anawrahta.
Half of a mile south of Gubyaukgyi in Myinkaba Village

3)Nan Paya

The temple is said to have been used as Manuha’s prison or as his resident. Some said that it was built by Nagathaman, grandson of Manuha and Shwe En The, daughter of King Narapatisithu in AD 1174 to 1211.
South of Manuha Paya

4)Apeyadana Pagoda

It was supposedly built by Apeyadana, one of the queen of King Kyansittha in 11th century.
440 yard south of Manuha

5)Nagayon Pagoda

The elegant temple was built in AD 1192 by King Kyansittha.
South of Apeyadana Pagoda

6)Somingyi Kyaung

It is built in AD 1204. The typical late-Bagan brick monastery is unique in that it has monastic cells clustered around a countryard.
220 yard southeast of Nagayon Pagoda

(C) Attractions in New Bagan

1)Seinnyet Ama & Nyima Pagoda

The Seinnyet Ama temple and Seinnyet Nyima stupa stand side by side. It is said to be built in 11th century by queen Seinnyet although the architecture seems to be period of 13th century.
East of Chauk-Bagan Road
Northern part of New Bagan

2)Lawkananda Pagoda

It was built in AD 1059 when highest of Bagan power by King Anawrahta. It is supposedly taken one of Buddha tooth replica brought from Srilanka.
East bank of Ayeyawady River
270 yard southeast of the New Bagan Road

3)Ashe (East) Anouk (West) Petleik Pagoda

The twin pagodas are built in 11th century by King Anawrahta.
Inland to the northeast from Lawkananda Pagoda

4)Sittana Pagoda or Setana Pagoda

It is built by King Htilominlo (aka) Nantaungmya. The pagoda is the most impressive in New Bagan and it is large, 13th century bell-shaped stupa
A mile south of Twin Petleik

(D) Attractions in Minnanthu Village and Pwasaw Village

1)Dhamayazika Pagoda

It was built by King Narapatisithu in AD 1196.
2 miles East of New Bagan Road
North of the main road to airport and railway sation

2)Leimyethna Pagoda

It was built by couple of Anandathuya, the minister of King Htilominlo in AD 1222.
2 miles North-East of Dhamayazika Pagoda
North side of the road near Minnanthu village

3)Tayok Pye Min Pagoda

It has lovely views from its upper level.
200 yard north of Leimyethna Pagoda
North side of the road near Minnanthu village

4)Payathonzu Pagoda

The complex of three interconnected was supposedly built by Narathihapatae aka Tayokpyemin but it is abandoned shortly before completion due to invasion of Kubblai Khan.
Opposite of Tayok Pye Min Pagoda

5)Thambula Pagoda

It was built by Thambula, queen of King Uzana in AD 1255.
North of Payathonzu Min Pagoda

6)Nandamannya Pagoda

The single-chambered temple has fine frescoes. It was built in the reign of King Narapatisithu in 13th century.
220 yard north of Thanbula Pagoda

7)Hmya tha Umin & Tha-mee-whet Umin

It is said to be built in 13th century.
Southeast of Nyaung U and northeast of Hnyetpyittaung

8)Archaeological Museum

It was inaugurated in 1904 by Mr. Tawseinkho, the inspection officer. The old location is in the north of Anada Pagoda.
It was reconstructed in 1995 and opened in 17 April 1998. The new location is near Gawdawpalin Temple in Old Bagan. Daily opens from 9:30AM to 03:00PM hours except Mondays and Public Holidays.
(E) Special Attraction (Balloons Over Bagan)
If you would like to view Bagan Pagodas through the hot air balloons. There is as a special service for that.
(F) Attractions around of Bagan
1)Tuyin Taung Pagoda
It is said to be built by King Anawyatha and taken one of Buddha tooth replica.
On the hill top of Tuyin Taung
7 miles southeast of Shwezigon Pagoda

2)Tantkyi Taung Pagoda

It is said to be built by King Anawyatha and taken one of Buddha tooth replica.
On the hill top of Tantkyi Taung
Other side of Ayeyawady River, southwest of Bagan

3)Mount Popa

It is 4981 ft (over 1500 meters) high. It is an extinct volcano located about 40 miles southeast of Bagan. It is renowned as the abode of legendary β€œNats” (May/June) and on the full moon Nadaw( November/December). There is also National Garden.




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