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Tourism in Myanmar (Burma)

324505 tourists visited in 2018. 380172 tourists visited in 2019.

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Tourists Arrivals by Nationality


Nationality- 2018 January- 2019 January

USA- 7658 - 7375

Canada- 1487 - 1382

Other Americans- 1707 - 1391

France- 7148 - 6477

U.K- 4763 - 3942

Germany- 3719 - 4084

Italy- 2065 - 2296

Switzerland- 1442 - 1254

Netherlands- 1236 - 1115

Belgium- 864 - 766

Austria- 505 - 648

Spain- 775 - 829

Other West Europeans- 2318 - 2111

Russia- 905 - 816

Other East Europeans- 2090 - 1875

Africa- 382 - 456

Middle East- 777 - 910

China- 20717 - 41860

Thailand- 27770 - 25325

Korea- 8591 - 144435

Japan- 9327 - 11468

Singapore- 4997 - 4739

Vietnam- 3930 - 2857

India- 3925 - 4594

Malaysia- 4717 - 3791

Taiwan- 3334 - 4008

Hong Kong- 22 - 2634

Macau- 2 - 196

Philippine- 1674 - 1727

Other Countries in Asia- 3427 - 3877

Australia- 3436 - 3001

New Zealand- 440 - 445

Other Countries in Oceania- 14 - 18

TOTAL- 136164 - 162612

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Information counters

For convenience to visit in Myanmar, there are the information countersΒ distributed all parts of Myanmar.


How to apply Entry Visa

Please check the links, How to apply Entry VisaΒ and Embassies.


How to get there?

By Air

There are Yangon International Airport and Mandalay International Airport to visit to Myanmar. The basic hub to Yangon is Bangkok and Singapore. Please check the International AirlinesΒ  fly to Yangon and Mandalay.

  1. a) Custom

All arriving passengers have to fill up the immigration and customs declaration form.

  1. b) Personal Duty Free Allowance

Portable camera, portable video camera, portable computer, electrical goods (not more than the value of USD 500), 32inches TV, 15 sticks golf set, one bicycle, 2 litres liquor, 150ml of perfume, 400 rolls cigarette, 50 rolls cigar and 250 gm pipe tobacco

Any items exceeds above duty free allowance, the passengers need to declare the forms of immigration and customs on arrival. All foreign currency exceed above US 2000, the passengers must declare.

Any uncertain matters regarding about customs, you are advised to go to the Red Channel.

By land

The following list is the border cross of Myanmar with Thailand, China and India. When the foreigners enter/exit to/from Myanmar, there may need boarding pass permit, fees or other necessary documents. Please check when you book. It is better to visit to Myanmar by air.

1) Thailand Borders

  1. a) Tachileik (Myanmar) / Mae Sai (Thailand)
  2. b) Myawaddy (Myanmar) / Mae Sot (Thailand)
  3. c) Three Pagodas Pass (Payathonzu (Myanmar)/Sangkhla buri (Thailand))
  4. d) Kawthaung (Myanmar) / Ranong (Thailand)

2) China Border

  1. a) Mu Se (Myanmar) / Ruili, Yunnan (China)
  2. b) Lweje (Myanmar) / Longchaun, Yunnan (China)

3) India Border

  1. a) Tamu (Myanmar) / Moreh (India)

Getting Around inside Myanmar

You may go by plane with many Domestic Airlines; by train; by cruise ships from cities to cities. Inside town, you may take by taxi or by bus.


Myanmar currency is in kyats (pronounce in chat). The exchange rate is around 1400 to 1500 (may different) USD in Myanmar one kyat. The Visa / Master card start to accept in Myanmar. It is to recommend that to bring extra USD dollars also.

What to eat

Myanmar food is mixed of China, India and Mon. Normally eats rice with meat and vegetables. There are popular local foods. International restaurants like Cambodia, Chinese, France, India, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Korea also have in Myanmar with reasonable price. There are also a lot of street hawkers or roadside stalls.

What to wear

Light Cotton Clothes are suitable for summer. It needs sweater/jackets and trouser in some cold area. At pagodas or monasteries, your knees should cover something as well as your shoulder.

Please note that you have to take off your footwear when entering to pagodas or monasteries. Recommend bringing sandals, flip-flops or you may take Myanmar slippers.

What to bring

You have to bring Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 

  • small torch
  • battery chargers for your electrical devices
  • sun protection lotions
  • sunglasses
  • hat
  • antibiotic pills and cream
  • insect repellent
  • universal adapter (Myanmar uses 2 flat pin plugs/ the current is 220 volts/50 cycles


What to buy

The popular gifts are Lacquer ware, silverware (in Bagan); Tapestries, antiques things, wood and jade carvings (In Mandalay and Yangon); Precious stones (in Mogok); Traditional cotton and silk fabrics (in Amarapura, Mandalay), umbrella, Myanmar corn cigarettes, handmade funs, slippers, paintings, Myanmar Thanakha (Myanmar Traditional Make-up), shoulder bags, and longyis (all around country).

Where to shop

There are a lot of shopping centers, convenient stores, food stalls, restaurants, street stalls to buy.


Data Entry Date: 22 January 2020

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