Amarapura is located on the Mandalay-Sagaing Highway. It is far from 12 kilometers of Mandalay. The town is bounded by Irrawadyy river.

Attractions in Amarapura


1) Mahathakyayanthi Pagoda (Kyaukdawgyi Pagoda)

It was built in AD 1847 by King Bagan.

2) Shwe Kyet Yet & Shwe Kyet Kya Pagoda

East bank of Ayeyawady River
About a mile west of Amarapura

3) Pahtodaawgyi Pagoda

It was built in AD 1820 by King Bagyidaw (a) King Sagaing.
South East of Amarapura

4) Yadanagu Pagoda & Natnan

It was built in AD 1383 by King Inwa Mingyiswasawke.
It is famous for festival of Popa Medaw and Taungbyone brothers celebrated in August (Full Moonday of wagaung)
Southern of Amarapura

Other Attractions

1) U Bein Bridge (U Bein teak Bridge) & Taungthaman In

It was built in AD 1849 by U Bein, Mayor of Amarapura. It is built by crossing the shallow Taungthaman In (Taungthaman Lake) with 1860 Teak Post and 3967ft long. It is famous for the world’s largest teak bridge.
South East of Amarapura

2) Mahaweyanbontha Bagaya Oke Kyaung

It is built by Magwe Mayor of King Bodawpaya, and reconstructed by successors two times after destroying by fire.
Mandalay Road, half a mile northest of Pahtodawgyi Pagoda

3) Maha Gandayon Kyaung

It is founded around 1914 and renowned as residence of famous Sayadaw Shinzanakabiwontha as a monastic and also study and strict religious discipline.
West from the start of the U Bein’s Bridge

4) Taunglaylone Kyaung

There are monuments of some Myanmar famous writers.
Nearby MahaGandayon Kyaung and West from the start of the U Bein’s Bridge

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