Amazing Bagan Resort

(95-61)60035, 53,54

Golden Express Hotel

Wetkyi Inn Village.

Bagan Hotel

Back of Kadotpalin Bagoda,Co-operative ,Thante St.

Aung Mingalar Hotel

Nyaung Oo.

Diamond Eagle Hotel

No(6)yat,Aungmyaythar Qr:

Blue Bird Hotel

Bagan Myo Thit, Nyaung Oo.

Grand Empire Hotel

4th Qr., Sonkone Qr.
(95-61) 60206

Kumudra Hotel

Kyansitthar Qr, Pusawhte Yat,Bagan Myothit.

Ahreindama Hotel

Corner of 2ndSt x Nweni St,Bagan Myothit.

Lawkanat Hotel

Khyay St.

Smile World Hotel

Khan Laung Qr.

Phoenix Hotel (Hotel Nan Eain Thu)

Thamuddarit Qr,Bagan Myothit.

Bawgatheiddhi Hotel

Naratheinkah YatAhnawrahta ,Bagan Myothit.
(95-61)605053, 09 49102645

Motel Rendezvous

No(3),Lanmadaw Ywarthit 4th Qr, Nyaung Oo.

Kaday Aung Hotel

Hteminthan Yat ,Kyansittha Qr.

Thirimalar Hotel

Yinmin Pike Yat, Ingyin St, Kyansittha Qr.

Kaytumadi Dynasty Hotel

Myatlay Road.

N . K Betalnut Hotel

Khayae St , Kyansittha Qr, Bagan Myothit.

Shwe Ye Pwint Hotel

Khan Laung Yat, Ahnawrahta Qr, Bagan Myothit.

Thazin Garden Hotel

22, Thazin Rd., Kyawswar Qr.

Ingyin Hotel

MyatlayΒ  Rd.,Bagan Myothit.

Ruby True Hotel

Zayarthinkha Yat , Myat Lay Rd,Anawrahta Qr.

Yun Myo Thu Motel

No(3) ,E/Shwe Laung Yat, Kyansittha Qr.

Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort


Yar Khin Tha Hotel

4th Qr, Thiripyitsayar Qr.

Than Tae' (Nyaung Oo) Hotel

3rdQr, Myoma Quatthit..

Sky Palace Hotel(Bgn)

Kyansittha Qr, Shwelaung Qr.Bagan Myothit.

Yarzagyo Hotel

Myatlay Rd,Thamudaric Qr,Kyansittha Qr, Bagan Myothit.

Crown Prince Hotel

Kyansitthar Qr, Shwelaung,Bagan Myothit.

Bagan Central Hotel

Khan Laung Qr: Anawrahta Qr.

Tampawadi Hotel

No(4)Qr, Lanmadaw, Ywarthit Yat.

Bagan Golf Resort Hotel

Agricultural Research Compound,Bagan.

The Floral Breeze Hotel

Ahanawratha Qr, Khanlaung Qr, Bagan Myothit.

Green Wich Hotel

4th Qr, Thiripyitsara (ext:) Qr.

Ayeyar River View Resort Hotel

Old Bagan.

Bagan (Thadae') Hotel

Old Bagan.

Duwun Motel

Shwelaung Qr,New Bagan.

Arthawka Hotel

Kyansitthar Qr,Thumudric Yat ,New Bagan.

Hotel Union (II)

No(8),Hotel Zone(4),Bagan Myothit.
09 2042011

Tharaba Hotel

Old Bagan,Taungbi Village .

Myat Bagan Hotel (Bgn)

Khanlaung Yat, Ahnawrahta Qr.

The Serenity (Bagan) Hotel

Hotel Zone(4),Bagan Myothit.
(95-61)67477,09 5179039

Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort

Near od Bagan Nan Myint Tower, Min Nan ThuΒ  Village.

Myanmar Treasure Resort (Bagan)

Pike thae lae Yat,Kayae St, Anawrahta Qr,Bagan Myothit.

Bagan Princess Hotel

Wetkyi Inn Village,Nyaung Oo.

Shwe Myanmar Guest House

No(4), Sone Kone Qr,Nyaung Oo.

Lucky Seven Guest House

Sonekone Qr, Lanmadaw, Nyaung Oo.

New Wave Guest House

Wetkyi Inn Village ,Nyaung Oo.

Mya Sein Dipar Guest House

Aungmyaythar Qr,Nyaung Oo.Β 

Bagan Ahla Guest House

Main Road, Shaw Laung Yat,Kyansitthar Qr, Bagan Myothit.

Pann Cheery Guest House

5thQr, Nyaung Oo.

Kyi Kyi Mya Guest House

Bagan Myo Thit, Shwe Laung Yat, Kyansitthar Qr.Nyaung Oo.

New Heaven Inn

Thiripyitsaya Yat, No(5)Qr , Nyaung Oo.

Winner Guest House

Ywar Thit Qr, Wetkyi Inn Village .

New Park Guest House

Thiripyitsaya ,Β  4th Qr.

Thirisandar Guest House

Khanlatt Qr, Anawrahta .

Pyinsarupa Guest House

4th Qr,Yarthit Yat, Lanmadaw.

Golden Village Inn

Thiripyitsaya Qr, 5th Qr.

Mya Pyaesone Guest House

Khanlatt Yat, Ahnawrahta Qr..

Oasis Guest House

Aung Theikhti Qr.(3)Qr.

San Yeik Nyein Guest House

Aung Theikhti Qr,(3) Qr,Nyaung Oo.

Myathida Guest House (II)

10, Kyansittha Area ,Bagan Myothit.

New Life Guest House

Myoma New Plot (3) Qr,Nyaung Oo.

Prince Guest House

5th Qr, Thiripyitsaya Qr.

View Point Inn

Pyi Taw Aye Yat,Β  Qr,(3)Qr,Nyaung Oo.
(95-61)61070,09 2043096

Makhalar Guest House

Ywarthit Qr, 4th Qr.

Innwa Guest House

Sonkone Qr, (4)Qr, Nyaung Oo.

Golden Pot Guest House

Pyidawaye Qr , 3rd Qr.

Shwe Taung Tan Guest House

Mhan Kyo Qr,Nyaung Oo.

Kyaw Guest House

KyansitthaΒ  Qr, Shwelaung Qr,Bagan Myothit.

Family Guest House

Shwe Laung Qr,Kyansitthar Qr.

Shwe Nadi Guest House

Lanmadaw, Tikekone Qr.

Diamond Eagle Guest House (II)

Shan Kone Qr, 5th Qr,Nyaung Oo.

Motel Mya Kan Tha

Khayay Lane,Khanlaung Yat,Ahnawrahta Qr.

Eden Motel

No(3)Qr, Lanmadaw, Nyaung Oo.

Eden Motel (II)

Lanmadaw(3rd)Qr, Nyaung Oo.

Myanmar Festivals

We would like to introduce nationwide festivals at fist. As most of Myanmar People are lively and enjoyable, each month of lunar calendar has festivals or special events. Those festivals are cultural and religious.
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Tailor-made Tour

There are various kinds of Tour Services as below as Myanmar Signature Travel & Tour Co. Ltd offer. Other than that there are Museum Tour, Bird Watching Tour, Festival Package Tour, Nature Adventure Tour, Golf Tour, and Conference Tour as well. You may choose
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Yangon (Rangoon)

Yangon (Rangoon) is the former capital of Myanmar (Burma) and the capital of Yangon Division. It is the largest city. The area is about 300 square miles. The population has 4 million (2007). The life span of Yangon is over 100 years. Yangon is famous for Shwedagon Pagoda, ancient colonial buildings and golden pagodas.
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