Mandalay Hill Resort (5 star)

(9),10th St, at the foot of Mandalay Hill.

Sedona Hotel (5 star)

Junction ofΒ  26th x 66th St, Chanayetharzan Tsp.

Tain Phyu Hotel

(57),coner of 23rd St; x 29thSt; East North Tsp.

Hotel Venus

(221),28th St,Bet: of 80th St; x 81st St;Chanayethazan(East)Tsp.

Tiger Hotel

(628), 80th St; Bet: of 37th St: x 38th St:

Palace Hotel

(267),80th St,Bet: of 32nd St; x 33rd St;

Power Hotel

(686),80th St,Bet: of 39th St; x 40th St;Maharaungmyay(East)Tsp.

Garden Hotel

(174),83th St,Bet: of 24th St: x 25th St:

New Great Wall Hotel

(249),33rd St,Bet: of 83rd St: x 84th St: Aungnanyeiktha Qr.

New Star Hotel

(596),82nd St,Bet: of 27th St; x 28th St;

Popa HotelΒ  (II)

North of Mandalay Station; 78th St: Bet: of 29th St: x 30th St:

Popa HotelΒ  (I)

Near of Mandalay Station; Coner ofΒ  78th St: xΒ  30th St:

Dream Hotel

(152),27thSt: Bet: of 80rd St; x 81st St;ChanayethazanTsp.

Myit Phyar Ayar Hotel

(556),80thSt: Bet: of 33rd St; x 34th St;Aungnanyeiktha Qr.

Bonaza Hotel

Coner: of 28thSt:Β  xΒ  82nd St;Chanayethazan Tsp.
(95-2)31031~ 4

Padamyar Nga Mauk Hotel

81St St, Bet: of 21St St;Β  xΒ  22nd St;Ayngmyaythazan Tsp.

Classic Hotel

(59),23rdSt: Bet: ofΒ  83rd St;Β  xΒ  84th St;

Unity Hotel

Coner: ofΒ  82nd St; x 27thSt; East North Tsp.

Hu Kaung Hotel

(170), Coner: ofΒ  31stSt; x 82ndSt;

Nylon Hotel

(171), Corner ofΒ  83rd x 25th St.

Fortune Hotel

(182), 31st St.,Bet: 82nd x 83rd St.

Parami Hotel

(67), 84th St.; Bet: 28th x 29th St.

Shwe Nyaung Pyin Lay Hotel

Corner ofΒ  82nd x 41st Stree.

Treasure Hotel

(46), Aungmyaytharzan Tsp.

Road to Mandalay

(39/C),Tawin St;Dagon Tsp.Yangon

Glaxy Hotel

81stSt, Bet: 31st x 32nd St.

Sein Sein Hotel

8stSt.; Bet: 32nd St x 33rdSt.
(95-2)31617, 21191,64601

E . T Hotel

(129),83rdSt: Bet: 23rd St: x 24th St.

Pacific Hotel

Block(624),Corner of 30th x 78th St.

Mother World 's Hotel

(58),79th St; Bet: 27th x 28th St.

AD-1 Hotel

(38), Aindawyar Bridge St: Bet: 87thx88thSt.

DynastyΒ  Hotel

(304),81st St: Bet: 24th x 25th St.

Victoria Hotel

(176),31st St: Bet; 82nd x 83rd St.

Universal King Hotel

(176), 82nd St.

Universe Hotel

(215),83rd St,Bet: 27th x 28th St.

Silver Swan Hotel

Block(566), Aung Nan Yeiktha(East).

Ya Htike Hotel

(110),73rd St, Bet : 20thx29th St.

Mandalay Royal Hotel

(5), 71st St.; 29th x 30th St.

The Prince Air Port Hotel Mdy

Near Airport,Chanmyatharzan Tsp.

Royal City Hotel

(130),27th St, Bet: 76th x 77th

Mya Mandalar Hotel

Corner of 27x69, Chanayetharzan Tsp.

Innwa Hotel

66 St, Bet 23x24 Mdy.

Mandalay Swan Hotel

(44-B), 26th St:, Bet: 66th St X 68th St;Chanayetharzan Tsp.

Zaycho Hotel

84th St, Bet: 27th x 28th St, South building of Zaycho Market.

Nadi Myanmar HotelΒ  (I)

62nd St, Bet: 36th x 37th, Maharaungmyay Tsp.

Wood Land Hotel

(417), Ahniketawyat Aungmyaytharzan Tsp.

Sunrise Hotel

(195),Corner: 35th St, Bet: 77th x78th St,Mahaaungmyay Tsp.

Aung Myint Moh Hotel

Corner:Yangon-Mandalay Rd; x Kywe Sae` Kan Bus Compound.

Silver Star Hotel

(195), Corner: 83 rd St. & 27 th St.

Shwe Mandalay Hotel

(78-C),19 th St,Ahnheiktaw Qr, Aungmyaytharzan Tsp.

Great Wall Hotel

Block(901),Chanayetharzi(North)Qr,Mahaungmyay Tsp.
(95-2) 68461

Mandalay City Hotel

80th St; Bet : 82nd x 83rd St,Chanayetharzan Tsp.
(95-2)61700 ~ 4

Yupa Mandalar Hotel

Bet:53rdx30thSt, Kanout Qr,Chanayetharzan Tsp.

Central Hotel

(156), 27th St, Bet : 80th x81st St, North East Tsp.

Hotel Mandalay

Block(652),78th St, Bet: 37thx38th St.

The Hotel By The Red Canal

(417), Corner:63th St x 22ndSt, AungmyaythazanΒ  Tsp.

Padonmar Hotel

(Ma-1),14thSt, Theikpan St,Bet: 64th x 65thSt,Maharaungmyay Tsp.

Great Hotel

(45),39th St, Bet:79th x 80th St.

Golden City Crown

(747),30thSt,Bet: 70th x71th St,Yanmyolone Qr,ChanayethazanTsp.

Thazin Pan Hotel

(130/10),27thSt x 28th St,Bet:76th St x 77thSt,Haymarzala Qr.

Hotel Queen

(456),8th St: x 33th St:Aungnan Yeiktha (East)Qr.

Nine Myint Moh Hotel

Block(909/G/410),Kywesae` Kan (9)St:Pyigyitagon Tsp.

Hotel Shwe Pyi Tha

Kanout Qr,(B-8),Pyinoolwin Rd:Chanayethasan Tsp.

Ayeyar Waddy River View Hotel

Bet:22nd St x 26th St,Myopat Strand Rd,Aungmyaythazan Tsp.

Lucky Hotel

(152),84th St, Bet: 31st St x 32nd St,Chanayethazan Tsp.

Royal Power Hotel

Block(613),Bet: 27thSt x28th St,Haymarzala Qr,Chanayethazan.
09 2057718 / 58

Emeral Land Hotel

(9),14th St., Bet: 87th x 88th St.

Golden Country Hotel

115,65thSt, Bet:31thSt x32nd St,Chanayethazan.

Aung Shun Lei Hotel

#617, 354, 76thSt, Bet: 28th x29th St,Haymazala Qr,
(95-2)68401, 68402

Sabae Phyu Guest House

(58), 81st Street;25th x 26th Street,Pyikyikyatthayae Tsp.

Royal Guest House

(41), 25th St.; Bet: 82nd x 83rd St.
(95-2)22905, 31400

New Wave Guest House

(418), 80th St.; Bet: 26th x 27th St.

Mandalay View Inn

(17/B), 66th St, Bet: 26th x 27th St,Chanayetharzan Tsp.
(95-2)61116, 31219

Peacock Lodge

Mye Padetha Rd,Yaysitkan(South).
(95-2)22092, 33411

Man Myanmar Guest House

Block(802), Bet: 65th x66thSt,Chanayetharzan Tsp.

Point Guest House

87thSt,Bet:35thSt x36thSt,Maharaungmyay Tsp.

Mann Taung Yeik Guest House

45/B,75thSt, Bet:10thSt x11st St,Upoptaw Qr,Aungmyaythazan.

Khant Htel Guest House

213,77thSt, Bet:33thSt x34th St,Chanayethazan.

Shwe Taung Tan Guest House

#(415/Na-2),(14)St: Bet: 88 x 89 Rd;Aungmyaetharzan Tsp.

Rich Queen Guest House

Bet: 87 x 27 Rd; East of Thirihaymar Qr; ChanayetharzanTsp.

Myanmar Festivals

We would like to introduce nationwide festivals at fist. As most of Myanmar People are lively and enjoyable, each month of lunar calendar has festivals or special events. Those festivals are cultural and religious.
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Tailor-made Tour

There are various kinds of Tour Services as below as Myanmar Signature Travel & Tour Co. Ltd offer. Other than that there are Museum Tour, Bird Watching Tour, Festival Package Tour, Nature Adventure Tour, Golf Tour, and Conference Tour as well. You may choose
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Yangon (Rangoon)

Yangon (Rangoon) is the former capital of Myanmar (Burma) and the capital of Yangon Division. It is the largest city. The area is about 300 square miles. The population has 4 million (2007). The life span of Yangon is over 100 years. Yangon is famous for Shwedagon Pagoda, ancient colonial buildings and golden pagodas.
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