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Naypyitaw Hotels Room Rate

Naypyitaw Hotels Room Rate for 2017-2018

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Aureum Hotel & Resort-Naypyitaw

Hotel Zone, DatKhiNaThiri Tsp, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Apex Hotel

34 & 35, Yarzathingaha Road, Dekkhina Thiri Township, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Emerald Palace Hotel

40/41 Hotyel Zone(1) Dekkhina Thiri Township, Yarza Thingaha Road, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Excel Capital Hotel

23/24, Yarza Thingaha Road, Dekhina Thiri Township, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Grand Amara Hotel

No.(5,6),Jade Villa,Dakkhina Thiri Township, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Great Wall Hotel

Naypyitaw Yazathingaha Street, Oaktayathiri Hotel Zone ( 2 ), Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Hsaung Thazin Hotel

No 16, Oaktara Thiri Hotel Zone, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Horizon Lake View Resort

Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Hotel Apple

Hotel Zone, Ottarahiri Tsp, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Hotel Aye Chan Thar

No. 4, Oattara Thiri Hotel Zone 2, pobba Thiri Myot Pat Street, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Hotel Shwe Gone Daing

No. 14 Oattara THiri Hotel zone(2), Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Hotel ACE Naypyitaw

NayPyiTaw Hotel Zone / First Entrance / Left Side,Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Hotel Royal Ace

Block 15/16, Taw Win Yadanar Road, National Guest House Compound, Dekhinathiri Tsp, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Imperial Jade Hotel

Yarza Thingaha Rd., Hotel Zone, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Jade City Hotel

No (H1), Oattara Thiri Hotel Zone (2), Near Mingalar Circle, Naypyitaw, Myanmar


No. ( H.8 ), YarzaThingaha Road, PobbaThiri Township, OattaraThiri Hotel Zone, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Kempinski Hotel Naypyitaw

11-12 National Guest House Project, Shwe Pyi Taw Win Road, Dekkhina Thiri Township, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Mann Myanmar Hotel

Hotel Zone, DatKhiNaThiri Tsp, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Mingalar Thiri Hotel

Yaza Thingaha Road, Dathkhina Thiri City, Hotel Zone 1, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Mount Pleasant Hotel-Naypyitaw

Pho Zaung Hill, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Myat Taw Win Hotel

Hotel Zone, DatKhiNaThiri Tsp, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Myat Thinzar Hotel

Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Nandar Thiri Hotel

No 9 , Yazathingaha Road , Oketarathiri Township , Hotel Zone II, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Naypyitaw Hein Hotel

No. H7, Yarzathingaha Road, Hotel Zone 2, Naypyitaw , Myanmar

New Aye Yar Hotel

No.16/A, V-4 Road, Dakhina Thiri Township, Hotel Zone 3, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Nga Laik Kan Tha Garden & Resort

Kywe Shinn Village, Ottara Thiri Township, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Nirvana Hotel & Resort

No.MH-3/4 Yar Za Thingaha Road, Dakhina Thiri Township, Hotel Zone 1, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Ottarathiri Hotel

Hotel Zone, Ottarahiri Tsp, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Palm Spring Excutive Residence

No. (3-4), Pann Khinn Street, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Rose Land Hotel

Dekhina Thiri Hotel Zone 3, No 9 Shwepyitawin Street, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Royal Lotus Hotel

2 Yaza Thingaha Rd, Myanmar, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Royal Naypyitaw Hotel

No(5), YarZaThinGaHa Road, Hotel Zone, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Royal President Hotel

JADE VILLA 3-4, National Guest House Compound, Dekhinathiri Township, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

San Chain Hotel

No. 2, Hotel Zone 2, Mingalardipa Ward, Pobba Thiri Township, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Shwe San Eain Hotel

Taw Win Yadanar Rd,Jade Villa No.17(A) & 18 (A), National State Guest House Zone,Dekhina Thiri Tsp, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

 Shwe Hin Tha Hotel

Hotel Zone 1, Shwe Kyar Pin St, Dekkinathiri Township, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Star World Hotel

MH(2), Hotel Zone(1), YazaThingaha Road, Dekkhinathiri Township, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

The Golden Lake Hotel

No H36-37 Yazathingaha Rd,Hotel Zone 1, Dekkhina Thiri Tsp, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

The Hotel Amara

No. 11, YarzaHtarne Road, Hotel Zone, Naypyitaw, Myanmar

Zabuthiri Hotel

Hotel Zone, DatKhiNaThiri Tsp, Naypyitaw, Myanmar


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